The Strawberry Film Festival is back, presented by The Film Hub

This year’s theme…


Take us back in time from the 1910s-1990s. Party like it’s not yet 1999!

The Strawberry Film Festival is the perfect family-friendly event to celebrate the best of filmmakers of all ages in Vista. Experience Films that embrace the local scene, watch exciting stunt demonstrations and experience green screen compositing. Hosted by The Film Hub in conjunction with the Vista Chamber of Commerce’s Strawberry Festival, this event is meant to inspire the next generation of creatives.

May 26th Schedule Events:12:30-3:30pm

  • Film Screenings
  • Green Screen Interactive experience
  • Red Carpet Photo op
  • Movie Stunt Performances

Winners announced at the Strawberry Main stage at 4pm

  1. Narrative, max. 10 minutes
  2. Documentary, max. 10 minutes
  1. Judges Choice for Best Narrative
  2. Judges Choice for Best Documentary
  3. Audience Choice (during screenings)
  • Portrayal of Theme
  • Technical: Directing, Cinematography, Sound Design, Editing
  • Actors (narrative) or Interviews/Subjects (Documentary)
  • Writing (narrative)

The official selections will be shown at the Film Hub on the day of the Strawberry Festival: Sunday, May 26, 2024 throughout the day, with the winner being announced at the festival closing. We look forward to seeing what you create!

  • Judge’s Choice – Best Documentary | Best Narrative
    • Prize: $500 gift card for The Film Hub sound stages
  • Audience Choice
    • $250 cash prize

Now – April 26

Price: $25

April 27 – May 19

Price: $35

  • Maximum film length: 10 minutes
  • File type: mp4 or H.264
  • Maximum file size: 4GB
  • Aspect ratio preserved: 16:9 maximum
  • Video height of 1080 pixels or higher
  • Only the finished version of your film can be submitted, no rough cuts
  • Rating: G or PG for all audiences
  • At the Strawberry Film Festival, our goal is to present inspiring, heartwarming, and uplifting content for the families who come to view them. Therefore, entries promoting commercial businesses, political views, or products may be disqualified.

Do we have to follow the theme?

The theme template we’ve provided is intended to isnpire you. Don’t feel tied down to it! Following the theme is not mandatory to be eligible for the Film Festival.

Multiple Entries?

Yes, we accept up to two entries from the same person but one must be a narrative and the other a documentary.

Will we enforce Copyright/Trademarks?

Yes. Before submitting a project, ensure all trademarked and copyrighted materials have proper licensing or permission. The responsibility lies with the project owner to clear materials, including music and images, to avoid legal issues. Accepted projects must confirm no trademark or copyright violations.

Do I need to meet a minimum age requirement in order to submit a project?

We encourage all ages to participate in the Strawberry Film Festival.

Is my project eligible if it has aired on television or digital/streaming services?

No. However, if the version you want to submit differs significantly from the one broadcast or streamed, then it can be submitted.


If the content of a project has significantly changed since the previous submission, it may be considered for festivals. The Strawberry Film Festival has the authority to decide if changes are substantial. Submission fees may not be refunded if the film is not accepted.

Do we allow films that have been released already to other film festivals?

Yes, we accept films that have already been released at other film festivals.

What if my contact information or anything else about my submission changes?

You can reach out to one of our staff at

Who is judging?

The judges for the Strawberry Film Festival are meticulously selected from among accomplished professionals in the film and media industries.

When will I find out whether or not my project was selected?

Our staff will be emailing contestants by Wednesday, May 22.