Strawberry Pie-Eating

 Pie Eating Contest Pie Eating Contest Pie Eating Contest

Pie Eating Contest

The Vista Strawberry Festival will once again hold its popular strawberry pie eating contest. This contest is sponsored by the Sunrise Cafe in Vista.  There is no cost to enter.  The contest is broken into age groups, so kids and adults of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes can compete. The contest will take place at the Tri-City Medical Center Main Stage at 12:00pm.  No preregistration is required.  Just show up, gobble up, and have fun!  At 3:30pm we will have our 2nd Annual Whole Pie Eating Contest.  There is no cost to particiapte.  Contestants will be drawn randomly from those expressing interest in participating.  Interested parties simply need to come to the Main Stage at 3:30pm.

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