Strawberry Jam Concert Schedule

Aon Events Party Music – Empowered Firearms Beer Garden Stage – 9:00am
Barbwire – SDG&E Crozier’s Flowers Stage – 4:00pm
Ben Powell – Autorader Acoustic Stage – 5:00pm
Bill Magee Blues – Edward Jones Flag Pavilion Stage – 4:00pm
Caleb Slaughter – Autorader Acoustic Stage – 11:10am
Cali Blues Cartel –Edward Jones Flag Pavilion Stage – 1:00pm
Clay Colton Band – Empowered Firearms Beer Garden – 12:00pm
Custard Pie – Empowered Firearms Beer Garden Stage – 3:30pm
Eliza Rose & Jack Robie  – Autorader Acoustic Stage – 3:50pm
Grupo Folkorico Caliztlan –Brightwood College Rising Star Stage – 2:30pm
Kainga Steel Pan Drum Band – Tri-City Medical Center Contest Stage – 8:30am
Lion & The Cosmic Fish – Autorader Acoustic Stage – 1:30pm
Los Pacheco Brothers – SDG&E Crozier’s Flowers Stage – 11:00am
Michael Tiernan – Autorader Acoustic Stage – 2:40pm
Moonlight Youth Theater –Brightwood College Rising Star Stage – 3:45pm
North County Children’s Choir –Tri-City Medical Center Contest Stage – 5:00pm
School of Rock Oceanside –Brightwood College Rising Star Stage – 10:15am
Semisi Fulabula –Edward Jones Flag Pavilion Stage – 11:00am
VIDA Rokcers – Brightwood College Rising Star Stage – 4:00pm
Wildwood House Band – SDG&E Crozier’s Flowers Stage – 1:30pm
Will Locken – Autorader Acoustic Stage – 12:20pm


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